I'm Kirandeep Kaur

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I'm Kirandeep Kaur

I am a software engineer having high interest in cryptocurrecny trading and is in the industry from last 4.5 years .I am a public speaker and has spoken in many conferences.


I am proficient in frontend frameworks and love developing new ideas. check out resume tab for details

Trader and Technical Analyst

I am currently actively involved in cryptocurrency and stock trading and have a sound knowledge of financial markets


I love to meet people and make social connections so I am a udemy instructor sharing and gaining knowledge around the globe. checkout my course : here

Public speaker

Public speaking gives me access to share my knowledge and ideas with other people So I love to speak publicaly on development, trading and social cause


Working as a wingman in MAD( Make a difference ) NGO and looking after kids who needs special attention from our society

Meditation and Yoga

I really love spending my free time doing yoga and I can talk about the importance of meditation for hours. you probably got the topic if you want to break the ice.πŸ˜ƒ

My Resume


My Resume


  • Apertum

    Building Interactive UI components for apertum product using vueJs
    Responsible for writing and maintaining code quality
    Working on integrating bank accounts and bank cards Rest API for payments and withdrawals

  • Joveo

    Built suitable UI for Joveo product using angular and Javascript
    Responsible for writing and maintaining code quality
    Worked on internationalizing the joveo application
    Worked on Bulk edit functionality for entire product.

  • Cloudtub

    Worked on big blockchain, cryptocurrency based project with Amazing UI
    Built suitable UI for Indian Crypto exchange with fast streaming data
    created Exchange components in React, Redux and REST API.

  • Watermark

    Worked on Frontend UI and handled backend for entire 1.5 years
    Created Development Design documents and worked on accessibility
    Worked on struts and spring framework


  • Kuruskhetra University

    Completed Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science as major in 2015 with an aggregate percentage of 77%

  • High School

    Completed High School Education from Partap Public School,karnal with an aggregate percentage of 70% in 10+1 and 85% in 10+2

My Skills

Coding Skills

Algorithms and Data Structures

Frontend Frameworks

Angular 4 and above

My Projects

Latest Work

My Projects

  • Slack 2.0
    Slack clone having slack like features where various members can chat simultaneously
  • Wisdom Pet Medicine
    Book Pet Appointments with doctors 🐈🐢🐩
  • Fastfood Guru
    Tasty Food - en Route 🍫🌭🍩🍬πŸ₯žπŸ¦πŸ‘πŸ–
  • ProShopping
    Shop The Latest Trend πŸ’ƒ

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If you would like to get in touch, please shoot me an email at [email protected] or ping me directly on LinkedIn for active communications